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Thursday, June 30, 2011

I've been away far to long !!

Hello my friends in blog land !! I have been away far too long !! I have been a very busy girl. I have finished Soul Restoration 1 at Brave Girls Club and I am working on SR2. What an amazing journey. Right now I am working in my Life Journal and really working on setting and working on my goals. I have completed one of them... to have a real studio space!!! I have yet to take pictures.. but promise they will come soon. I turned the old front parlor of my old farm house into my studio. I love it as it is right off my living room and has 2 windows that light the space up. The front one looks out onto my front porch and in to the flower garden. Inspiration !!

The second goal was to buy a new Accoustic Guitar and learn to play again. I got myself an awesome guitar with a big sound. I'm picking it up fairly well again. I gave myself a goal to practice 30 minutes a day. I'm doing pretty good...still working on getting fingers calused !! LOL !! OUCH !! But I am so happy making music once again. The end goal.. to play in church and with my friends !!!

Let's see... what else have I been up to? Oh...duhhh... I took my family on vacation ! I rented a log home in the Ozark Mountains just off of Table Rock Lake.
Both the kids and their spouses where there and my 4 year old grand daughter ,Trinity !! Here's a pic of her after we had smores !! LOL!!
It was her first vacation and she had so much fun. That was worth it all !
/ This is a peek at the kitchen/dining area. It was amazing.
We had such a good time.. but it went by way to fast, as all vacations do.

I have been working in my studio a lot. I have been working in several art journals and have hand bound 3 or more journals. I love this process. Again... I will get some pics. Another Goal... to learn to use my camera and take good pictures !! lol !! I have done several whimsical girls in one of them so will get pics of those too ! Just having fun !

Oh... I also went to a youth rodeo with a guy friend to watch 3 of the girls he's taught to ride compete. 2 of them for the first time. It was so fun and exciting seeing kids of all ages compete. Back to my roots ! I have also gone to the ranch to help work with some of the kids. I think I have another goal !! LOL!! This is the ranch where our horses are so I get to see them and love all over them. WE ARE JUST FRIENDS !!!

Well friends... I need to get a shower and get ready for bed. I have missed you all !!! Hope to get some good pics and post again soon !!!

Hugs and blessings.... Kris


  1. Hi Rose Twofeather, I have been thinking of you lately and so pleased to hear your life has settled and your art is flourishing.
    Hugs to you and your family.

  2. What a happy post! It's so good to read that you are living life and having some fun with family and friends! I am sure the kids at the ranch will be blessed by your help too! Enjoy!