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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Where's the Art?

So I am sure you are wondering, where's the art? Well, that is coming. I am working on getting the scanner to work so I can get some better pictures of my artwork published here. I've been taking them on my phone and adding the pics ,but the ones of my art are not so clear. So working out a bug in my plan.
Now you ask , what kind of art does she do? Well, that one is a rough one to answer. I am currently doing what is called Zentangles. It is a way of drawing on paper with usually black art pens on white Watercolor paper. It is a very relaxing style of drawing that just seems to flow from you. There are several great blog spots here on BLOG SPOT that can teach you basic patterns and get you going. I have to links over on the left side of this page that take to two excellent bloggers that I am learning much from. Anyway, I have also drawn for a long time just free handed drawings in Pen and ink and added watercolor to them. So I hope to share some of them and tell the stories of how they came to be.
I have to tell you that I could not draw a good stick figure before I became very ill back in 2000. But after crawling the walls for months I finally picked up a pen, for some unknown reason, went outside and saw beautiful iris that were in bloom. I sat on a little stool in front of it and just drew what I saw. WOW ! Was all my family could say. So the next day I bought my first drawing book and so began my collection of works. Now some 6 volumes later, a few sold,many gifted and now trading with people all over the world. Here I am, healing my broken heart and putting it out there for the world to see. Through difficulties comes inspiration, emotion and release. God has given me this gift to help me heal, or carry on, through my artwork. I am disabled now, so this is the one thing I can do on good days , if it is a bad one,well it will still be there when I am feeling better.
Now I am walking on this amazing journey with my dear husband and letting my art speak and tell our story. I hope that somehow this will touch another life and encourage that person to walk on. To dare to do something they never dreamed possible. This is what has happened to me.
So this is another page in my blog. Soon as I get the bugs worked out I will post some works for you to see. You may like them and you may not. That is OK. I just want to share and reach out and touch through my art and our story with Mesothelioma Lung Cancer.
Til next post... God bless you...

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  1. I'm glad you have such a positive attitude, and are able to find some joy through zentangling. You should write to Rick and Maria at zentangle.com. They might post your letter or part of it.

    I know that even though you keep your spirits up, there are times when you must want to just lie down until it all goes away. My heart goes out to you and your husband. I hope things get better--it does happen, even when not expected. My prayers go with you.