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Dedicated to my Husband ,Marvin, who lost his battle to Mesothelioma July 14th,2010.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Link to my artwork !

I am not doing a good job at posting to my blogspot with my artwork ! LOL!! Technically challenges it appears ! No it is !! LOL!! So I have decided for the moment to post the link to my flickr site. There I post all my latest, traded and available to trade pieces. I also have a few that are listed as NFT... Not For Trade. Those are ones I have added to Marvin's journal. I hope to get back here and do some work on it and post pictures directly to my site. Praying I can get it to work for me. I see so many others that just post away !! Well.... I will get there !! LOL!!

Here is the link: www.flickr.com/photos/rose-twofeather/ I hope that works !!!

Now for a little update on Marvin and what is going on in our world. We have been on a journey to Dr after Dr. Wheww... still a few more to get to this week. Then I think a weeks break ! Anyway... the news is that Marvin's pain had gone sky high again. We were so hopeful after he completed 12 rounds of radiation. He was pain free for several weeks. YEA !! Then the pain came back with a vengeance! The dear man was just grey in color and having such a horrible time. He started taking the Oxycodone and Motrin again... but that did little to take away his pain. So off to the Dr's. another CT Scan,lab work,x-rays and finally a consult with the Dr. The CT shows no additional growth in the bigger tumor at the top of his lung. It had already pushed in between the ribs prior to the radiation. But it is pushing on the nerves that go into his shoulder. So they added Morphine to the other meds ! Wow... can you say... twilight Zone !! LOL!! Sad but true. Thank God it is relieving his pain and he is getting used to him. Not so much of a fruit loop, as he says, as he was when he started it. We are thankful for that. The next Drs visit is to see if they will or can take out the chest tube that he has had forever now. If they can do that we can go back for chemotherapy. That is our prayer now.
I will end this post on a high note... Last night, March 15th,2010, we went to see Bon Jovi live in concert, with our daughter Angi and son in law Jason . We had a great night !! Marvin did well keeping his pain under control and was all smiles. This was a dream for him. Angi and he love Bon Jovi and this was on his Punch List , as we call it, things he dreams of doing before he goes home to be with the Lord ! It was an amazing experience and one I will forever remember. He sat between Angi and I . I would tear up when I would see her arm around her Daddy and they would be head to head singing at the top of their lungs. The smiles and the tears were worth every painful moment !! Yes.. I was in pain !! But.. I would do it again for they joy it all brought to he and Angi! Well to Jason and I too!! LOL!! Thank you so very much for an amazing night Angi and Jason !!! We love you so very much !! HUGS, KISSES and so much LOVE !!!
Well I am off to do something.. not sure what at this point !!
Hugs and prayers...


  1. I'll be saying prayers for Marvin... big hugs... your Zentangle buddy and new fan, Rose

  2. Thank you Rose !! That means so very much to us both !!! Hugs to you... Keep tangiin my friend... Kristy