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Dedicated to my Husband ,Marvin, who lost his battle to Mesothelioma July 14th,2010.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Marvins Service and the days since

Marvin's celebration of life service was beautiful. I and so many were touched by it. I continue to get cards and letters from folks that came speaking of how touching and moving it was . Of course there were tears of sadness and missing him, but it was also filled with love,joy and peace. Hearing our daughter stand before all those in attendance and say that she had found there was a God... well lets just say.. This Momma was thrilled !! To have his daughter find the Lord God in the midst of her Daddy's death and find the peace that comes with it. That was Marvin as well. He would lay down his life for those he loves !

I am so blessed to have a BFF Audrey that took me to the lake where they were camping to spend two days with she and her Husband, George. God sent us two nights of beautiful brilliant pink sunsets over the lake. Audrey and I just cried and smiled sitting in awe of it all. It holds special meaning for me now as God and Marvin know that I LOVE PINK !!!

Since his peaceful passing I have shared many of our favorite places near home with the family. We find peace and comfort there, by the lake off the dock or stomping around the camping area. Our daughter Angi made us laugh so hard the day of his service. We ( Angi,our daughter,Jason her husband, Tim his brother and his wife Elaine and I ) had gone to the dock . All around are signs posted... NO SWIMMING... but in classic Angi style.. she was off the bank and swimming like a fish. Hooping and hollering... I love you Daddy !! We all laughed so hard and it was so hot we were all ready to dive in after her! But this Momma was worn out and chose to live another day!! LOL!!

Now the days seem to just go by. Some days are so hard, others are full of blessings and love. The rough days... well I just get through them one moment at a time. As I write this entry I am with Angi, Jason and the grand babies, Connor and Trinity . Making new memories with out Poppy,sharing our thoughts and dreams. Talking about Daddy and the service and playing with the grand babies. Connor is our little Angel as he has severe disabilities. At 6 he is unable to talk, but boy do his eyes and hands make you know how much he loves you. He us indeed a blessing from heaven to this Meme ! Trinity is 3 and our little princess.. she rules the roost !! LOL!! Seeing Marvin's eyes looking back at me through the eyes of our grand babies... well that makes me smile and touches my heart !

Speaking of... I am being summoned by a little man wanting Meme to come outside and play in the water with them !! So .. off to create more memories and soak in the love !

See ya later then... ( Taken from the movie "Dear John"... love it !!!)


  1. Kristy, you constantly amaze me with your strength! I'm so glad you have such a loving family. But I wouldn't expect less when their mother and Meme is such a loving person herself.

  2. Hi dear Rose Twofeather, you always write so beautifully and with such love. I am pleased you are getting back on track and have your lovely family around to keep you busy!

  3. I am so blessed to have such on line friends as well ! You all rock my world !! LOL!! Trying to get back on track with my Zen time.. but a certain little 3 year old ,Trinity and Connor who is 6 and special needs.. think it is too much fun to chew on Meme's pens !! Oh no!! So coloring it is !! LOL !! Hugs to you both !!