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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Surprise....What I've been up to !!

Surprise !! As you can tell by my lack if posts, that I have been busy doing many things. So here we go...my life in a nut shell !!
1. I have been going through my house room by room rearranging,sorting,getting rid of or finally trashing things that I really do not need or want anymore ! Whew !!
2. After all the rearranging and cleaning... Some wonderful friends helped me set up my new art studio !! Yahoo !!! I love it !! It is by no means a big fancy studio. It is actually in the old parlor of my old house. But it is great to work in !!
3. I have been working on a relationship. Enough said for now !! LOL!!
4. I have been hand binding several art journals. I love doing these !! Addicting shall I say ! Lol !!
5. I have been filling those art journals with what makes me happy. Some are mixed media, others are my drawings. Playing with colors for bigger finished works of art. Love , love, love !!
6. I have hand bound a journal expecially for a brave young 15 year old girl who is battling cancer. This is leading me to think about a not for profit organization to supply these journals to patients battiling cancer. I would love to start with the center Marvin was treated at. So... working on gathering the info to do that !!
7. Dealing with a lot of physical pain. My neck is a mess so had been getting injections... til it stopped working and they hit a nerve ! Ugg!! So... dealing with medications for neck and spine. Plus the fibromyalgia flair ups ! Holy cow !! But... art heals !! It has saved me from running out in front of a semi ! lol!!
Soooooooooooooooo.....today I am debuting my collection of what I call my " Healing Hearts Collection"....da dum.... Drum roll please !!!

So there are pictures of my Healing Hearts Collection. I would love any feedback !! Really I would !!!

I am off to play with the fur babies before the storm comes in !!

Til then...


  1. You sound really, really good!! Whoo Hoo on all of it and your collection...seriously...awesome! Love the ideas, the colors, the hearts and wings.:)

  2. What beautiful hearts!!! What is your plan for them?

  3. Hi Kristy
    Wow your hearts are something out of the box!
    I wish we had the time to stop by and visit with you! I think we need another trip! We both loved the big USA!!

  4. it sounds like you've been busy! i really love your collection of healing hearts......they're beautiful! :))

  5. Your collection is beautiful!!!