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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feb, Sketchbook Challenge Entry

I finally finished my entry for the Feb. Sketchbook Challenge ! This one took me a while as I had so many things that could fit "Opposites". But I ended up working more on my sketching and using watercolor as my main media used. My firt reaction when I saw what the challenge was on Feb.1st was... oh I know what I will do... Opposites... my BFF and I ! I'm not sure if you can read the writing in this scan, but basicaly it says, Oppsites...describes my BFF and I. I am tall...she is short. I love color...she's a basic place and white girl. I love to create..she loves to read...So here is my entry. I do believe this will forever remain faceless though ! I'm working on faces and it is a challenge for me. So for now, we look like the Willow Statues I love so much !! lol !!

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