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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Having so much fun !!

I am having so much fun. I am on a new journey as you know. I am enrolled in online classes and am participating in couple of challenges. {See buttons on shide bar.) I am persuing what I love...art,creating and learning new mediums,styles and techniques. I am having a blast !! I have a bew addiction that also fulfills another addiction...What you are saying ? LOL !! Well I have been making hand bound art jourrnals. Yep, cutting the papers,creating the covers and hand binding it. I'm addicted to this process . The addiction it fulfills is my love of journals. Visual Journals, writing Journals,Doodle and Tangle Journals,idea Journals...you gettthe idea !! Lol !! My son is gonna hate me when I am gone !! "What the heck do I do with all of these now ?" I can hear him saying ! Nothing else son...they would make great campfire starters ! Lol !

So over on my Studio blog...
you will find post and pictures of part of what I'm doing.

Here is pic or two of another project I did. I created 35 hand drawn Valentines for my MJF (See Button for MaryJanes Farm on right) Valentine swap. So much fun. Now I need to get a pic of the ones I have been getting !!

Thanks for stopping by ! Please leave a comment when you stop by...good or bad !! Lol !!

Blessings and farmgirl hugs,

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  1. These are absolutely lovely! I'm glad you are having so much fun with this swap!