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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Whole lot of creating and soul searching going on

Hello my beautiful friends !! I have been MIA for a few very good reasons. First...We have been on a weather rollercoaster here and having Fibromyalgia,arthritis and a spinal disorder.. well lets just say I have been in so much pain. On a 1-10 scale.. it has been a 24! So having to take too many pain pills to keep me going. Going from the bed to the recliner,which has heat and vibrate on it. When the pills kick in I am off to my studio to create as long as I can handle it. I have changed my diet so much,following others prompts who have Fibro. Well after 3 weeks,lets just say... not seeing much change at all. But will keep trying.

Second... on the creative,art classes, soul searching side. I have been happily busy taking 6 classes. I am finished with one and started a new one yesterday. I am learning so much and so happy I took the plung and dove in. Following a life long dream and getting amazing feedback. Counting my blessings and thanking God for this gift. My camera is being stupid (Could be the medicated operator) so do not have pictures to post ready. That will come very soon.

The latest class I a taking is amazing. It is from Melody and Kathy over at Brave Girls Club. It's called Soul Restoration. It combines art,heart and healing. It is only the 2nd day and I love it !!! I would recommend to any girl (Young or old) to take this course. It is 8 weeks long and packed full of great videos,PDF's and a classroom to cheer eachother and eventually post some of our work. I love this so much !! You can check it out here...

I am also taking a course by Amanda over at Kind over Matter...She has a course going that also makes you think and search your heart and soul. Adding in fun art prompts and journal prompts. Amanda is an awesome young lady full of inspiration.

I continue in my classes over at willowing.org and love,love ,love Tam and her amazing way of teaching. Her amazing gift and her beautiful self are so inspiring. Learning so much and having so much fun.

Well, off to finish up a piece of artwork that has been drying. Then I am off to bed early. Worn out !!! Check back on Monday, I hope to have pictures to share and more links to things I have coming up.

Thank you so much for you sweet comments and welcome to my Brave Girl followers... you rock !!! To my MJF Sisters... I have not forgotten you . Check in everyday, just not as much time to comment as before !!!
Hugs to you all.... Kristy


  1. Hooray for Brave Girls and Soul Restoration!! Life changing!!:)

    Hugs to you Kristy and hoping your pain leaves you alone for a very, very long time!!!

  2. So glad you dropped by and thank you for taking the time to comment :D

    I am very sorry to hear about the tough time you're having, physically. I'm also happy to see how busy you are making art! Peeked at both of your blogs and have enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful sketches, handmade journals and journal pages. As I said before, I love how open you are to the healing that takes place when we're doing something we love, healing physically, emotionally and spiritually! Hope we can find a better way to chat ~ there's MUCH to talk about! I am vicki farquhar cook on facebook - hope you're on and if so, please friend me! - XO

  3. Hey my BGC sister Kristy! I can so understand the physical stuff, I am right there with you girl! Diet changes have helped me lots. I just re-read one of my blog posts, that I posted after starting new meds, and realized posting (and yes picture taking) while medicated is not the best idea. So glad summer and sunshine will be here soon.

    Glad you were able to post. I'm SO excited to see what you are creating! I love your artwork, you are an amazing artist and person. If my tax refund comes soon, I will be joining you on SR.

  4. Wow, Kristy - so sorry to hear about your pain, but I can totally understand - having fibro as well. I've tried everything and it just doesn't quit and the pain can be so maddening at times. I'm glad you're still able to create - the joy there does bring some relief. Can't wait to see what you've been working on!