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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hello world !!

Hello my blogster friends !! Wow, I have MIA from my own blog for a while now. I am having a blast with my art classes and having so much fun creating. Life is better... can't say great ,as I don't know if it will ever be great without my dear husband. But, I am OK... I think that is where I should be. I am coping and realizing I still have dreams. I am following a dream with my art. Learning tons of fun techniques and developing my own style. Art has always been an outlet for my souls need to speak through color,texture and word. I guess I was doing art journaling before it was called Art Journaling. It is very healing for me. I can express through paint,paper,pens,pastels,and so many more mediums,what my words can not express. I have never been good at putting my thoughts art you are free to put it all out there. Through color and word if you choose. God is good having given each of us a way to express ourselves. Each of us have a gift. One we should share with others. Speaking of sharing with others... I have recently completed a couse called She Art Workshop with Christy Tomlinson. She is so inspirational and so darn cute ! She has another Workshop coming up for She Art. (((Check the button on the side to find out the date!! My mind went blank! LOL !! )) I am so excited as she is having a new Art Journaling workshop that begins in May... here it is. I signed up right away !!!

Come and join me!! You will love her workshops. Packed with PDF's and videos.
I have been busy creating and haven't taken time to take pics! So that is on my list of to do's ! LOL !!

I am off to play in my little studio here on the farm. I pray you have an amazing weekend and are blessed in all you do. Sending hugs to each of you...
Live like you were dyin... Kristy


  1. Hi Kristy! Its great to have you back posting! I wanted to let you know that I have just awarded you with the One Lovely Blog Award. Please go over to my blog to retrieve it. Thank you for your art and your healing journey. You are an inspiration.

  2. Missed you!! Did you get your goodies:)

  3. Goodmorning Kristy, I am sitting here in the Autumn sunshine reading your blog and so happy for you. Happy that you have found an extraordinarily beautiful creative way to give yourself a reason to be happy and content with your life..well done. Hugs and love!

  4. I'm hoping to this class too! Thankyou for the post