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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Having too much fun...another surprise !!

Hello my blogger friends !! I am simply having too much fun. My art classes are so wonderful. My little studio on the plains is bulging with goodies. You know.. those must have art supplies ! Lol !! I am grateful I can do this. So blessed by taking a leap of faith and just doing it . I am constantly thinking of things I want to create. Somedays it is a bit overwhelming doing 4 classes at once. Other days.. it is awesome to just create til my little heart is content. Or my art hurts !!LOL !! I am so inspired by the instructors I have found. I am energized my their own loving,giving selves. I know God is leading me down this path for a reason. I know that someday I will be giving back. Well ... I guess I already am !! Over at Mary Janes Farm, I am teaching book binding 101..and art journaling basics. Having fun with that as well. I am so at peace when I am in my little place in the world, getting paint, ink,glue,gesso or whatever on me. I think I have scared the mailman though. He was delivering something to me and I had messy hands when he handed box to me. I just giggled and told him what I have been up to. I have known him for a long time and he was so happy. He said.. no wonder you've been getting so many packages ! LOL !! I think I am stocked up by now . He won't have to walk up the driveway to deliver them to my door. The UPS guys wants to see my latest when he comes ! LOL !! Gonna miss their visits ! lol !!

I got another surprise in my email yesterday.. I am the featured artist at my Heart and Art web group. Again for Marvin's hand. I am so touched by the comments and somehow surprised at all the reactions I have had in several forums when I post this piece of my art. I am getting wonderful feedback on the She Art Girls I am doing. I finished one for a sweet little girl.. Addyson Rose. She lost her Daddy when she was only about 9 months hold. She is the youngest of 5 and the only girl ! So she is a princess.. a strong headed one to use her Mothers words !! LOL ! So here is a picture of the one I created for Miss Addy...

I had so much fun creating her in Addy's colors. Her Momma is thrilled with it. Waiting to hear Addy's reaction. She is now 2, and so expressive (IS that a word?)...uhh... ok.. she expresses herself well! Ok... so my spelling and grammer is not my forte!! lol !!

Well my paint has dried on todays masterpiece, so time to go and play in my little Lost Creek Studio !!!
Hugs,blessings and may your find your muse today...
Kristy and the furbabies...
Joey,Abby,Annie and Angel


  1. Such a sweet gift for Addy...beautiful! Your other girls are great too. I started my class yesterday and had way too much fun. I'm excited for MORE!

  2. Thank you sooo much for stopping by Words of Me! I appreciate it soooo much. What a lovely place you have on the Web. And you are quite the artist:)

    Big hugs,

  3. Hello Kristy! You'll want to go check out my blog today for a lovely surprise!