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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I am over the top !!!

Hello my friends !! I am over the top with excitement,joy and a new found peace !!! I started the 3rd of my online art classes yesterday. This one is the She Art Workshop by Christy Tomlinson. She has created a wonderful online classroom and is so amazing . She has such a way of teaching you mixed media art. I am so happy I took a chance and spread my wings. I am feeling so blessed to be able to do these classes and so thankful that through blogland I have been lead to these workshops. So here is what I am up to....
This is the first canvas I created.

This is the second one. I went crazy with color on this one and I love her !!
I posted the same pictures on Facebook. I already have an order for one in pink and green !! LOL !!
I am so happy when I am in my little studio in the country creating and following a dream !!! I know my angel husband is smiling down from heaven and saying... I am so proud of you honey!!!!
Oh... and I got some amazing news today !! I was a featured artist in Mixed Media Artworld !!! Yea.. Me !! I had posted the picture of the Marvins hand that I Zentangled before he passed away !! When I originally posted it on my Zentangle Flickr group.. it went to #3 in the world for many days !! Now it is featured in a web gallery with artists all over the world !!! See why I am over the top ? !!! I stand in awe of the God that created me and gave me this gift !!! Here is the picture of Marvins hand. It is a treasure to my family and I.

Ok.. it is almost 4 am and I better get my backside in bed !!
Blessings and Hugs...


  1. Congratulations Kristy! Both on being featured in the Mixed Media journal and on taking the online classes. Your work so far is gorgeous (which is no surprise), and I know you'll be producing even more work to make us marvel!

  2. Wow to be featured, how cool!
    I love what you are doing.

    I would be honored if you would take the time to give this consideration:

  3. i am loving the colors! especially in that second piece! so beautiful! thank you so much for sharing so much inspiration :)

    best wishes to you!

  4. Great work!! Love your Zentangle, I'll try that one day.
    I see you are a part of Milliande and Willowing too. I haven't done too much in those groups, I'll check them out later after She Art.
    See you around the She Art Class :)

  5. Awesome work, Kristy... just made my way here via Juel @ Colorful Moments, so congrats too on winning her giveaway. <3