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Friday, March 11, 2011

Loving life.....

Hello world !! I am having so much fun on my new journey taking art classes. I am just so happy when I am creating. I am blessed to have been led to some of the best teachers. I am touched by their enthusiasm,excitement and their way of teaching. I thought I was too old to learn new tricks... well... so not so. I know I have a long way to go...but we all have to begin somewhere. A beginner is not such a bad place to be. Looking forward to the ride up!! LOL!!

I am currently taking 5 classes online. I know... I should have spaced them out a bit.. but it keeps me busy. You know how much I needed that. I am so enjoying the She Art Workshop with Christy Tomlinson from Scarlett Lime. We will begin our last week on Monday.. it's going to be sad for it to end !! We will have our wings to fly by then !! LOL !! She is having another class beginning April 10th I believe!! Check the link on the right side of my blog !! lol !! So.. here is the last She girl I created.. I had so much fun with her.
The other 4 classes I am taking are through willowing.org. Tam is a brilliant artist and instructor. I am having so much fun with these classes as well. The one I am proudest of is the Fabulous Faces Workshop. For week one we did graphite portraits. This is the last one I finished.
I am now working week 2. You can study on your own pace on 3 of the classes I am in. This week it is on color Full facing portraits. I love the whimsical style of this girl. Having fun with different shaped faces,eyes,nose and mouths.. I guess the whole thing when I say that!! LOL!! Anyway.. here is the one I did today!!!

Well.. that's what I have been up to. I need to post from my other classes. But didn't want this post to be 10 miles long !! LOL !!!
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  1. I love online classes...I am actually addicted to taking them..lol...I signed up for the April She Art Workshop..I am so excited...It looks like an awesome class...I love all your sketches..They are amazing.......I am not a very good "sketcher" so I stick to collage....lol

  2. Hi Kristy,

    Your She Art girls are 'so cute'! Love, love, love the flowers - gorgeous.

  3. Love your She Art girls!! Great job

  4. I love the pencil portrait. The girl is so dreamy and deep in thought. It's a very intriguing and beautiful piece.