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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas alone

Merry Christmas everyone ! Well as I write it is not yet Christmas day here but I know it is for many of you ! This is my first Christmas without my dear husband ,Marvin. Our children and grandbabies are not going to be around so I am alone for the holiday. I am having a rough day and thought I would share some lessons I am learning this year.

1. It truly is all about Jesus birth for me this year. I will be reading the story of His birth from my Bible once again. Something I have not always taken time to do when the kids are around. My new tradition for Christmas.

2. It truly is better to give than receive.I haven't really felt like shopping or celebrating this year. But I was blessed to have a dear friend take me and together we came up with some great ideas for my adult children that refused to give me a wish list this year! lol ! I have also been able to bless a few others this season. That is a truly good feeling !

3. Along that line I am realizing that there are widows in my area that are probably spending Christmas alone as well. So for next year... I intend to so something for other widows that will be alone. Time to put on my thinking hat ! LOL !!

I pray you have a very blessed Christmas and that you will create many new memories . Hold on to those memories,as I am doing this year.

I miss you honey so very much but I know you are celebrating with the angels !! Kiss Jesus for me !

Hugs to all...

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