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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Journey with a Japanese Journal

Here we go. So begins the journey through my Japanese Journal.I have been involved with a group on Flickr for about 2 years now. I love doing Zentangle ( See info on side bar). One of the friends I made there has a Journal addiction (Hugs Sandra...aka Molossus). She has shown several entried of her's. I finally found them and ordered 2 ! I too must admit... I am a journal addict ! ;O) ! I was blessed with an inspiration from another friend (Sandy B. at Beez in the belfry) She had posted from a journal she was doing . I left a message on her blog and she was kind enough to email me with a string idea for these journals. So... I jumped on it and here is the beginning 3 pages. There will eventually be a story written in the ribbon that goes through the journal. (When the muse for the story strikes me ! lol ) What's a Japanese Journal you ask . It is a journal that is accordian folded pages. All in a hard back cover. I found them at www.dickblick.com .They are a Moleskine product. I so love their journals... I have uhh.. several shall I say ! lol ! Many sizes to chose from. Anyway here is a picture of the first 3 pages. Keep an eye out for what comes next !!

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  1. Kristy,
    I love your journal page! This is just awesome. I think it would be great if you join us in Colorado this summer. It would be so very uplifting and inspiring for you - and for me if you come!